Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Patients

Posted on:6,Aug'19

Posted by: CancerClinics

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In the last blog post, we spoke about the role that exercise played in reducing the risk of chronic diseases including cancer.

Exercise is also helpful for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. Regardless of what stage of cancer you have, physiotherapy-led exercise provides great benefits.

Some benefits of physiotherapy-led exercise for cancer patients include:

• Exercise prevents disability
Sometimes, after treatment certain conditions such as lymphedema come up, which restrict movement owing to fluid retention in the lymph nodes around the treatment area. Exercise helps in making sure this restriction is temporary & does not lead to permanent disability.

• Exercise reduces the risk of mortality
Studies show that physiotherapy-led exercises during the treatment period reduce the risk of mortality.

• Exercise reduces the chance of recurrence
Exercise continues to have benefits post treatment by delaying or reducing the probability of recurrence of cancer. It also helps in reducing future health complication & improving body image.

Studies have also shown that physiotherapy-led exercise reduces the length of inpatient stays in hospitals.

Just like every cancer, and every patient is unique, the physiotherapy-led exercise of cancer patients should also be customized based on the treatment plan & side effects. While the general information related to diet and exercise is available online, a qualified therapist makes a customized nutrition and exercise plan for each patient. Since cancer treatment happens over a period of time, most patients prefer home-based care & physiotherapy instead of coming to a physical centre.

Exercise gives patient a chance to gain control over their bodies, which improves self-management of the disease & treatment.

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