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Posted on:26,Oct'16

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For several years, nutritional guidelines were defined by the concept called the food pyramid. The food pyramid essentially was a triangle where various food groups were placed on different planes, and based on the area occupied by the respective plane, food consumption recommendation varied.

The food pyramid placed a lot of importance to consumption of grains such a rice & wheat, which occupied the entirety of the bottom most part of the pyramid. However, the United States Department of Agriculture has replaced the food pyramid with a plate. The plate is seen as an improvement over the pyramid owing to its ease of understanding.

What is My Plate?

My Plate is a representation of the necessary food groups in every individual’s plate. Unlike the food pyramid, which had the same guidelines for everybody, my plate’s composition & amount of consumption varies according to gender, age and physical activity. The 5 food groups that are represented as part of My Plate includes fruits, vegetables, grains (with stress on whole grain), protein and dairy, with vegetables gaining a slight prominence over other food groups.

There are some key factors that define My Plate:

• Focus on the right amount of calories based on age, gender and physical activity levels
• Including all food groups in almost equal amounts in every plate of meal
• Reduced consumption of sodium, saturated fat and sugars
• Focus on whole fruits and whole grains
• An increased focus on healthier eating

You can read more about My Plate at the official website.

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