In the cancer ecosystem, only 20% of the care happens within the hospital. The other 80% is often taken care of at home. And since, every cancer and every person with cancer is different, this care cannot be a generalised set of do's and don'ts.

This is where a coach steps in. The cancer coach is similar to a medical social worker, who helps view the cancer patient as a whole and formulates a customised care plan. The care plan will be complementary to the current treatment suggested by the doctor.

The care plan includes elements of

  • Nursing required to manage care at home
  • Nutrition for physical wellbeing
  • Counselling for emotional wellbeing
  • Physiotherapy to support mobility

Our coach will consider all your needs in a holistic manner and help care for you as an individual.


  • Helps create a customised care plan to support both the individual with cancer and the caregiver
  • Educates family and caregiver in a setting conducive to them – at home or in our purpose build cancer clinic
  • One stop contact for all information related to cancer
  • Support to help minimise the chances of cancer recurrence

Do you have queries about how a coach could help you and your family? Please feel free to call us at 1800 123 7545.